scope of work

Form Drive/walk

  • Builder has verified the completion of the Job Ready Checklist for Concrete Flatwork. 

  • All work to be completed in a good and workmanlike manner, in accordance with Builder’s plans and/or written specifications.

  • All work to be completed in compliance with appropriate codes effective when and where the work is to be performed.

  • All work to be completed in a manner that respects the efforts and materials of other Trades.

  • Verify the following details with the Builder on-site:

     Location of lot lines, layout and width of driveway and walkways, elevation of the walkway at the stoop tie in, location of step if required, location of wing wall/rebar for stoop/steps, driveway tie-in        to the curb, drainage requirements, driveway apron requirements, public sidewalk location and width, expansion joint requirements, utility or irrigation sleeve requirements

  • Install and brace forms to maintain straight edges or fluid curves where necessary.

  • Level subgrade as needed to insure an even finished slab thickness tolerance between 3 ½” – 4 ¼”.

  • Slope all concrete surfaces away from the house to insure a fall of 6” from finished floor in 10’.

  • Install expansion joints in the driveway so that no area is greater than 200 sf.

  • Install expansion joints in walkways a maximum of every 12 linear feet and wherever there is a change of direction or two sections intersect.

  • All exit doors should have a stoop of the width of the door that extends 3’.

  • A minimum of a 3’ x 3’ stoop should be poured below deck stair stringers.  Stringers should not be encased in concrete.

Pour Drive/Walk:  

  •  The finish is a light broom finish with neat tooled edges to give it that "picture frame" look.

  • Tooled expansion joints must be a depth of 25% of the concrete thickness.

  • Water should not stand or puddle on any surface.

  • Remove all forms within 48 hours and stack material.