Scope of work

Slab Preparation

  • All work to be completed in a good and workmanlike manner, in accordance with Builder’s plans and written specifications.

  • All work to be completed in compliance with appropriate codes effective when and where the work is to be performed.

  • Builder to provide a complete set of lot-specific plans and specs to Southern Concrete & Finishing Co., including the following:

      Correct staking and setbacks (front, rear, sides), finished slab elevation (when applicable) rebar specifications, grade beam locations and dimensions.

      Brick ledge locations and dimensions, fireplace pads and structural supporting pads for piers and porches correct compaction


  • Install and brace forms to maintain a straight edge (tolerance of ½” in 40’), level (tolerance of ½” in 20’), and diagonally square (tolerance of ½”).

  • Brace forms to prevent blowouts and maintain tolerances listed above

  • Top of slab should be a minimum of 8” above finished grade.

  • Maintain level brick ledge.

  • All excavated trenches (footings, turn downs, grade beams, pier pads) shall be of uniform depth, straight alignment, clean, and cut to size, shape and dimension as shown on plans. 

  • Cave-ins and washouts shall be corrected prior to pouring. 

  • Form garage to ensure appropriate slope to garage door opening for drainage.

  • Level sub-grade as needed to insure a finished slab thickness tolerance between 3 ½” – 4 ¼”.

  • Spread gravel to an even thickness (when required).

  • Allow termite pre-treat access to all soils (when required).

  • Install vapor barrier with 6” overlapping of seams, and thickness of barrier (mil) according to local code.

  • Install rebar on chairs spaced at a maximum of 6’ and overlap rebar a minimum of 15”.

  • Confirm that local authority inspections (plumbing slab rough, footing, slab) have been passed.

 Concrete Placement:


  • Builder must approve conveying or pumping equipment as specified in the Job Ready Checklist.

  • Check sub-grade before pouring concrete.  Remove all standing water. 

  • Do not pour concrete on frozen ground. Avoid pouring when the temperature is dropping to below freezing within 24 hours.

  • The use of calcium admixture requires Builder approval.

  • Do not add more water to the concrete than is absolutely necessary to achieve the desired strength and results.

  • Install bolts or straps as concrete is poured.  Space per code.  Do not place bolts or straps at doorways.

  • Southern Concrete & Finishing Co. is responsible for ensuring that mechanical stub-outs are not damaged or relocated during concrete placement and finishing.  Notify the Builder immediately if any changes occur to the mechanical stub-outs.

  • Slope the garage slab to the garage door opening for proper drainage.

  • Concrete finish is smooth-troweled. Pits and depressions may not exceed 1/8” in 32”.

  • Finished product is square, level, and meets specified PSI.

  • Verify reinforcement (rebar, wire) is elevated into the concrete and not on the ground.

  • Protect all adjacent work from concrete splatter.

  • Southern Concrete & Finishing Co. is responsible for the quality and completion of the job. 

  • Southern Concrete & Finishing Co. is responsible for protecting the concrete from anticipated rain or sub-freezing temperatures.  Builder responsible for providing material or accepting charge from Southern Concrete & Finishing Co. for material necessary to protect slab.

  • Southern Concrete & Finishing Co to insure that form-boards remain free of all concrete overpours.

  • Any overpour must be moved away from the slab and footing.

  • Strip all forms, rub and smooth all vertical surfaces within 48 hours.

  • Washout of all concrete trucks should occur at the Builder-designated washout area.

  • Southern Concrete & Finishing Co.  to provide a finished product within the tolerances and specifications listed above.

  • Clean up all materials, litter, and construction debris and deposit in the designated area.